Product:Aluminum road stud 
Color:Amber/White/Red /White

Specification :

Brand K-Lite
Model KT-305
HS Code 3926909090
Shell Material Aluminum
Lens Material PMMA
Size : 150*150*87mm
Weight 1070.2g
packaging 12pcs/ctn
Carton 53.5*31*13.5cm
Colors Red/White/Yellow/ Green/ Blue
Loading More than 30 tons

Installation Procedure :

1. Ensure your work environment is safe and measures are in place to keep traffic away from your work crew and ensure the safety of yourself and your workers 
2. Identify and mark installation position, ensure installation position is according to the road authority standards, improper placement of road studs can cause confusion to drivers and lead to accidents 
3. Drill hole in asphalt on marked position for KT-303 20mm x 60mm, for KT-304 24mm x 60mm, for KT-305 48mm x 65mm,  
4. Ensure hole is clean and dry and free of any debris, any obstruction in the hole will hamper the proper and secure installation of the road stud, any oil or other chemicals on the road surface with prevent epoxy resin glue from adhering properly 
5. Mix two part epoxy resin glue and place enough epoxy onto hole, push shank of stud through epoxy glue into hole ensuring enough epoxy to completely cover underside of stud and secure the shank in the hole, always use gloves when working with epoxy resin 
6. Align the stud properly so lens face oncoming traffic, wrong alignment of the road stud will look real bad and minimize the effectiveness of the retro reflective lens   
7. Scrape away any extra epoxy glue and return to glue pot for later use, take care not to get any epoxy glue onto stud lens 
8. Inspect Installation to ensure quality workmanship 
9. Protect stud from traffic until epoxy glue is dry, this will take about one hour depending on the ambient temperature and type of epoxy glue used 
10. Remember always: Work safe, work accurate, work fast

Features :

1,Exveed the certification of ASTM D4280 and BS EN 1463

2,High load-bearing ,durable

3,water ,oil ,chemical and heat resistant

4,very high reflectivity

5,Photometric values :: exceed 600 mcd/lx

6,OEM &ODM available